What Kinds of Scenarios Can Portable Power Stations be Applied to?

by 丶Zard on Jul 23, 2022

What Kinds of Scenarios Can Portable Power Stations be Applied to?


The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has claimed that global temperatures have risen by 1.1 degrees Celsius since the pre-industrial period and are on track to increase another 3 degrees Celsius by 2100. It’s important to understand that once the temperature rises more than 1.5 degrees Celsius, the impact for Earth will increase exponentially for each degree Celsius that the temperture continues to rise.

One of the most pressing risks that must be highlighted with a warming planet is for climate-related disasters such as floods, droughts and power outages. These can disrupt global trade and have a devastating effect on the economy and on food security.

According to the IPCC report, the damage to food storage and transportation routes caused by power failures may "significantly reduce the edibility and increase the cost of 22 highly perishable and nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products."

Therefore, making sure that you survive the natural disasters in your area is all about being prepared. And, a big part of this is ensuring that your family can access the electronic devices needed to stay connected, safe and comfortable during severe weather events.

Outdoors Camping and RV travel

When you go camping in an RV there are plenty of ways you can use your camper’s electricity to make yourself comfortable. For instance, you can create a cool vibe with gadgets such as ambient lights. Moreover, you can warm up inside without resorting to an open camp fire that can potentially be hazardous.

In recent years, the world-wide pandemic has significantly constrained people’s vacation travel. This has caused many to consider alternative travel methods and other ways of enjoying their holiday time. Outdoor activities such as camping and RV travel are attractive because they both avoid large-scale movements of people and crowded vehicles. It's a great approach to creating an independent and comfortable personal space.

Let's take a look at several ideas to create a fabulous atmosphere for outdoor activities!

Turn on your vinyl record player at dusk

Do you want to know the best time of day to make marvelous camping memories? Early evening is ideal. It's late, but not too late. Enjoying the sunset, experiencing the growing dusk and feeling an evening breeze can be fascinating. You just want to gather with your friends and loved ones and chill. This is a good opportunity to turn on the vinyl record player and play a song with a cozy vibe for the perfect camping mood!

Have an outdoor barbeque

Many of the meals you make while camping will be simple and quick to put together like sandwiches or salads. But no camping experience is complete without a hot meal made in the fresh air on the barbeque or cooked in an electric frying pan. In fact, these days there are many different small appliances that you can take camping with you for meal preparation. A portable power station will provide as much electricity as you need.   

Hang string lights on the tent

There’s plenty of simple yet exquisite camping equipment available that can really transform your space. Hanging attractive string lights is one cost-effective approach to designing a festive feeling. You’ll be truly surprised at the difference a few well-placed strings of lights can have. A Crafuel portable power station can easily support your string lights.

Emergency Rescue

Hospitals are a 24-hour operation. Any power outage will have a great impact on a hospital's critical work to diagnose and treat patients. In extreme cases losing power can directly threaten the lives of patients. An emergency power supply can provide safe and stable power output when the hospital is functionally paralyzed due to the external power grid being disrupted. This includes maintaining the smooth operation of life-saving and life-supporting equipment and essential fire safety supports.

As medical technology becomes more sophisticated, medical equipment plays an increasingly important role in providing treatment to patients. It remains critical to ensure the safety and reliability of the power supply system for emergency medical equipment and prevent medical risks caused by accidental power outages. As a result of evolving medical technology, the requirements for quality, reliability and technical performance of emergency backup power supplies are continually increasing.

Crafuel can provide strong power support for emergency personnel and medical equipment in frontline medical rescue. This versatile portable power source can help the first aid process go smoothly. This is due to Crafuel’s large power capacity and ability to cover a wide range of equipment while being easy and safe to carry and appropriate for both indoor and outdoor application.

How To Use a Portable Power Station as a Battery Backup

Many people think that an outdoor power supply is used exclusively for camping. The truth is that portable power stations are multifunctional and can be very helpful in many scenarios. Let's examine these hidden identities of portable power stations.

Extreme Weather

If you live in the United States, chances are you still remember the extreme winter much of the country experienced last year. Texas was one of many states where the cold weather wreaked havoc. Numerous Texans suffered electricity outages and were without heat for several days during an exceptionally cold spell. This often meant that people had to seek shelter from their friends and neighbors or stay in their cars. To make matters worse, the state's power grid remained offline for a long time.

Situations like this are a reminder that one of the keys to being prepared for blizzards or extreme cold is ensuring that you have enough of what you need on hand to survive in case you can’t get to a store. For example, a blizzard survival kit should include non-perishable food, drinking water (since your pipes may freeze) and basic medical supplies.

Here are some good food items to keep on hand for an extreme weather event:

  • One-day supply of drinking water
  • Trail mix
  • Canned soup
  • Peanut butter
  • Protein bars
  • Dry pasta
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Canned beans (great for protein)
  • Jerky
  • Pet food

When preparing for a blizzard, the goal is to give yourself the ability to be completely self-sufficient for a few days if you need to be. And, a big part of this is making sure that you have a reliable source of backup power.

Since generators are costly, noisy and too dangerous to keep in your home, the perfect option instead is a portable power station from Crafuel. Our power stations are available in different sizes so you can pick one that satisfies you energy requirements.

Outdoor Adventures

Travel photography enthusiasts know that the more desolate the place is, the more beautiful and fascinating is the scenery. Whether it’s the Gobi Desert, No Man’s Land in Oklahoma or the planet’s polar regions there are some incredible places for daring photographers to visit. Leaving the city’s high-rise buildings and utility poles behind, you can find breathtaking scenery with no obstructions and endless starry night skies. However, much of the equipment photographers rely on for their craft and to maintain communication when they are in remote areas, such as mobile phones, cameras and aerial drones, require charging facilities.

Capturing incredible images is made possible with a portable power supply. Picking the right portable power station for your outdoor photography adventure is all about understanding your personal needs. The main decision that you need to make is how much power you require. This will depend on the amount of gear that you’re bringing with you and how long you’re going for. It’ll be much easier for you to capture your outdoor experience in photos if you have the right portable power unit with you.

Field Operations

Geological exploration typically involves travel to remote areas. The geography can be difficult to navigate and the environment may include various threats to the personal safety of geological prospectors. While exploring these landscapes, encountering emergencies is inevitable. It’s not uncommon for individuals to run into trouble and need to be rescued.

This is where portable power stations can play a vital role. These units have become essential in supporting professional search and rescue teams working to escort geological prospectors to safety.

Moreover, a number of front-line environmentalists work in some of the most inaccessible and extreme environments around the globe. Having a hot meal and staying warm at night with an electric blanket can make all the difference. Portable power stations are able to provide electricity for daily cooking, lighting and heating for these intrepid guardians of the Earth.

The Future of The Sustainable and Renewable Energies − Solar Power

With increasing population growth around the planet and ever-expanding societal expectations, the demand for energy is soaring. At the same time, traditional fossil energy is gradually becoming depleted due to continuous exploitation and this is a serious problem. Furthermore, environmental pollution brought about by conventional fossil energy, global warming and other severe impacts is a concern. This worry for the future fate of humanity is forcing us to explore clean energy options more and more.

The solar energy irradiated on earth is significant. In fact, the solar energy illuminated on the planet in about 40 minutes is quite enough for our global energy consumption needs for a year. Solar energy is almost inexhaustible. And, solar power generation is clean without any risk to the planet or our health. This makes solar power the ideal energy source.

Harnessing the power of solar energy requires photovoltaic conversion using solar cells. It’s different from other power generation approaches in the following ways:

  • It’s clean, harmless and inexhaustible.
  • It’s not limited by resource distribution issues and geographical environment.
  • Electricity can be generated nearby when it’s needed.
  • It takes less time to obtain energy and it’s energy-efficient.

Would you believe that about 940 million people across the globe have no access to electricity? While progress in reducing that figure has been steady, we’re still a long way off from solving the problem. Expanding the electricity grid is part of the answer to the question of how to bring power to these people, but it’s not the only one.

Many countries in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, which make up 90 percent of the world’s unelectrified population, are exploring off-grid solutions including solar home systems (SHSs). Countries in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia, which account for most of the remaining unelectrified population, are doing this as well. Incredibly, the global market for SHSs has grown 23 percent a year since 2012, representing more than four million units installed.

Tom Fyans, Interim Chief Executive Officer at the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) which pushes to protect the countryside in the UK, has called for the government to develop a strategy for solar panel installation including prioritizing rooftop units. To quote Mr. Fyans, “Hundreds of thousands of homes, shops and offices becoming a modernized network of rooftop renewable energy is a vision the whole country could get behind.”

Solar energy cannot only be used as an essential source of electricity to solve the energy shortage, but it can also achieve net-zero emissions for us. Solar energy is a key element in the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) scenario where it’s predicted that the world can reach net-zero emissions by 2050. This energy source is scheduled to account for an impressive 33 percent of global electricity generation by then.

Truth be told, the new energy sector is probably one of the best positioned to weather the largest global economic turbulence ever. This is due, in part, to a separate macro trend that’s seeing western countries accelerate their building of solar power.