Lumos Camping Lantern

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Lumos Camping Lantern

Lumos Camping Lantern

With or without bracket and shade, many ways as you like. Lumos also waterproof to withstand the elements and come with a convenient handle to hang anywhere for hands-free lighting.

Lantern and flashlight in one

This lantern is both beautiful and unique, yet innovative and artistic. Resistant to compression, bending, strong stability, and will not deform.

3 Lighting modes

Set with three brightness modes: warm light, flashlight, and SOS(13.6-61.4LM).Emergency SOS mode allows you to easily signal and attract anyone's attention when you are in trouble or other unpredictable situations in the wilderness.


Comes with a 2500mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery, the Lumos takes about 3 hours to charge. It can light last up to 4.5h-12h after fully charged, and can be easily recharged with the included USB type-C cord. Perfect for home power outages, and indoor or outdoor emergencies.

Compact & Equipped with Stands/Shade

The camping lantern is portable size(4.5x2in) and lightweight(0.8lb), cute and very handy to have around. Equipped with 2 stands, you could install 1 or 2 brackets according to your needs. The built-in handle allows for easy carrying and hanging, you could easily hang this on any tree limb, camping rack or inside the tent.

Discover the Versatile Camping Lights

With its bright rechargeable LED light and unique design style, it's the most versatile camping lights on the market today, and with updated technology, now it's even better.

Brighten Your Way, Light Up Your Life

Constructed with durable and weather resistant materials, you can trust our outdoor lighting to bring you light 365 days a year.

What's More

More features you may expect to advance your camping lights experience

Lumos has a strong and airtight metal structure, is water-resistant, and ideal for outdoor use on rainy or snowy days.

IPX4 Waterproof

You can add stand on the bottom freely by threaded port.

Steel Stand

With shade to protect eyes or without shade when use it as flashlight.



Mini Camping Lantern



Color Temperature



I: 13.6LM   II: 25.3LM   III: 36.8LM   IV: 61.4LM

Charging Time

about 3H

Battery Duration

about 4.5-12H

light Source



Li-ion battery 3.7V 2500mAh



Rated Power


Max Power


Radius of lighting


IR Rating


Unit Weight

350g/0.78lb(with stand)

Unit Dimension

50*50*115mm/ 2*2*4.5in (without stand and shade)

110*110*294mm/ 4.3*4.3*11.6in (with stand and shade)


Package Content:

1 x Lumos Camping Lantern(with stand)

1 x Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Josh Jandrain
Great Customer Service

Laine from Crafuel provided great customer service when I had questions. Thank you!

Adam Newman

Great little light ! We love the color…it’s a warm light

Greg Saunders
The perfect light when you need something at night.

I have a geeky shortwave radio hobby. The best listening for these faint signals on the other side of the globe is outside, at night. I need a light that is not overly bright, but most importantly, it needs to be "RF free", that is, creating no static that would cover up the otherwise weak signals. The Lumos is one of the few lamps that I have tried that is absolutely quiet in the RF environment. The design and quality are easy to spot, but for me, this is where this light really shines! (pun intended).

Alice Lopez

I purchased this on a whim, half expecting to be underwhelmed. I was not. This little light is amazing! It's a portable, bright, warm light. I love the dimming control, the flashlight. But most of all, I just love how it looks.

It feels good in my hand, and the fact that it’s also a flash light is the icing on the cake. Honestly, it is a cool little useful light that I am so happy I bought. It’s an eye catcher when sitting out and a conversation piece as well. Definitely worth every penny.

Michelle Black
Versatile Camping Lights

I'm very happy with my purchase. Lumos is a great addition to any outdoor gear collection, and their compact size and equipped stands/shades make them incredibly versatile. I would highly recommend these lights to anyone in the market for practical camping lighting solutions.