About Us

Our story at CRAFUEL began we when realized there was a need for portable power stations that has been growing quickly around the globe in recent years. We have a strong social conscious and a desire to do all that we can to responsibly reduce our carbon footprint. That's when we knew that we had to get into the portable power station business to meet the requirements of people everywhere.

Like many of our customers, we're outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy other ways to be close to nature. We're highly motivated to make a real difference for the many plant and animal species who co-habit with humans on this beautiful blue planet. At CRAFUEL where we're on a mission to build high-quality smart-designed portable power stations for the convenience and entertainment of our users and to inspire their lifestyle!

We're aware, too, that our customers have diverse needs and interests. Their lives are multifaceted and that means that they have many reasons to use one of our CRAFUEL portable power stations. With our launch of our distinctive green energy device, we're proud to provide an innovative and intuitive solution for home power outages, off-grid professional tool use, RV adventures and a range of outdoor pursuits.

The growing uptake in interest from the like-minded people we meet every day is gratifying. This early success and the fantastic feedback we're receiving about our exciting new renewable energy product is helping to drive our future vision for CRAFUEL.

We're determined to keep evolving our power stations with technological advances so that they become smart devices capable of wireless connection with other devices and networks. Imagine the ability to use voice control, connect to Bluetooth, a 5G wifi router and more! A portable power station that can operate interactively and autonomously is in development.

What's more, we have other exciting ideas on the drawing board. We're hard at work creating modern energy storage solutions, solar panels and solar generators to offer reliable convenient green energy for home backup and outdoor off-grid use. Our bold ground-breaking inventions will continue to contribute to reducing greenhouse gases.

With our new baby, CRAFUEL, we're well on our way to earning the loyalty of new clients every day. Why don't you check out what we have to offer and tell us how we can meet your unique needs? Join us in saving the Earth for future generations!