Crafuel Alto600W Portable Power Station

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For the most demanding jobs

The Crafuel Alto 600 can power all devices from smartphones to air conditioners for a long time. At home, outdoors, or at work, you can trust the Alto 600 to keep you powered no matter what.

Power Everything

The Alto 600 with its 600W output can power energy-hungry devices such as hair dryers, welding equipment, or even an electric car.

Wherever you need it

Despite its power and size, Alto 600 is easy to transport. Take it with you wherever you need it.

Any device

With a total of 14 outlets of various types, the Alto 600 can charge just about any device you need.

Capacity 576Wh
Output Power 600W

Power All Loads For The Road

14 output ports are sure to meet your needs for charging different devices simultaneously. From mini-refrigerators to LED lights, it is a great storage option for camping and emergency use.

3-Ways Charge

Plug into the wall

Use the AC charging cable we provided to charge the device. It takes 4.5 to 4.7 hours to full capacity. When the LCD shows that the battery power is 100% it means that the battery is will be fully charged and the input power will turn off after several minutes.

Solar Panel Charging

Place as many solar panels in direct sunlight as possible.

Support 12-26V, 60W/80W/100W/120W solar panel charging, the charging time is determined by the sunlight intensity.

The total open circuit voltage of solar modules after series-parallel connection should not exceed 26V!

12V Car Charger

Use the car charger we provided to charge. It takes 5 to 6 hours to fully charge. When the LCD shows that the battery power is 100%, it means that the battery is fully charged.

Caution: Do not charge the product with solar PV input and carport at the same time!

Designed for Your Comfort

Home backup

As a backup at home in case of power failure or emergencies.


To power your devices while you are off the grid.


To do your job where electrical connection is not available.

What's In The Box

Models Comparison

Alto 500

Life Cycles: 500+ Cycle
Output: 500W
AC Input: 12-26V
Solar Input: 150W

Alto 1000

Life Cycles: 600+ Cycle
Output: 1000W (Surge 1200W)
AC Input: 250W Max
Solar Input: 200W

Alto 2000

Life Cycles: 1000+ Cycle
Output: 2000W
AC Input: 1200W Max
Solar Input: 600W





Customer Reviews

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Ellen Jane Boudreaux

I haven’t had to use it as of yet. However, it is very easy to handle as I am an old lady in
My eighties. Very light weight. I am very impressed with the staff as they walked me thru , with very clear answers, and a picture, for the information I was asking for. They were very patient and prompt with me. I will definitely recommend this company to everyone who is looking for generators. Thank you so much!

Jackson L

This compact and lightweight device packs a powerful punch, providing me with a reliable source of energy when I need it most.