Crafuel Alto 2000—Power Everything You Need

by Shi Yumin on Oct 31, 2022

Crafuel Alto 2000—Power Everything You Need


In European and American households, more and more consumers are equipped with outdoor power supplies to replace fuel generators as a power guarantee to fight sudden power outages. The traditional fuel generators, on the one hand, have severe noise pollution and toxic emission that can not be used indoors; on the other hand, the fuel is dangerous and is no longer suitable for the needs of today's society in environmental protection. Outdoor power supply has been applauded for its easy-to-use, quiet and pollution-free characteristics. At the same time, the outdoor power supply can also expand more creative games when camping in the suburbs; rice cookers, induction cookers, and other equipment are also available to camp outdoors.


The Alto2000 solar generator launched by Crafuel is equipped with 2000W Bi-Direction inverter technology, adopts a car-grade ternary lithium battery, and a built-in MPPT module to provide sustainable power support with solar panels. Let's take a look at this product, see what other special selling points does Crafuel have.


2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter Output

The most significant advantage of outdoor power supply is that it supports the inverter output, which can provide AC output. It can be used in the same way as a household socket. It can be plugged in and charged. Car fuel Alto2000 outdoor power supply is equipped with 3 AC output ports and supports 110V/220V AC output. It can provide stable 2000W inverter output, with a peak power of up to 4000W. The waveform is compatible with household municipal electricity and is the sine wave, which has the best power equipment.


Bi-directional inversion

When it comes to bi-directional inversion, you need to know what inverter is first. The big difference between an outdoor power supply and a regular power bank is that it can power some devices that only support AC input. That is to say, the AC output interface that comes with the body, whether it is household appliances such as fans, or electric tools such as electric drills, can be powered by the AC interface on the outdoor power supply.


In terms of the current outdoor power supplies that use lithium batteries to store energy, the low-voltage DC (12V or 48V) of the battery can be boosted to 220V AC output, which is inverted. Nowadays, in addition to supporting inverter output, many outdoor power supplies also support inverter input, which is the bi-directional inverter we mentioned today.

Inverter input is to convert the AC of the socket into DC to charge the battery of the outdoor power supply. Due to the integration of the charging module into the interior of the fuselage, better integration, and better heat dissipation conditions, the outdoor power supply can accept higher power self-charging, so that the outdoor power supply can also quickly attain more juice.


1200W Power Input Bi-Directional Inverter Technology


Due to the built-in super-large power reserve, the power supply performance of the solar generator is also worth paying attention to. Car fuel Alto2000 outdoor power supply uses innovative bi-directional inverter technology. There is no need to carry additional power adapters, saving space and reducing weight. You can get 1200W high power directly connected to the market power. Self-charged. In addition, it also supports the UPS function, which connects the power equipment, outdoor power supply, and utility power in series. While meeting power outages, the outdoor power supply seamlessly maintains the AC output, allowing the power consumption equipment can run at ease and will not lose power.


600W MPPT Solar Charging 


Car fuel Alto2000 solar generator can provide users with strong and stable power protection indoors and outdoors. The internal integrated MPPT (maximum power point tracking) system supports a maximum of 600W solar panel charging. Even in uninhabited places in the wilderness, as long as there is sunlight, the power supply can be guaranteed.


Multi-Interface USB Fast Charging Module


The outdoor power supply can power household appliances but meanwhile directly provide fast charging for consumer electronic products as well. Crafuel Alto2000 solar generator has 2 USB-C PD fast charging output interfaces, which support 60W fast charging output for iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and other mainstream digital to attain power. Moreover, 4 USB-As provide more direct current with USB output interfaces that can charge cameras, SLR cameras, and other devices. The rich USB module allows users to recharge multiple digital products directly without carrying additional chargers.


New Energy Vehicle-Grade Ternary Lithium Cells 


Generally, regular outdoor power supplies use lead-acid batteries or lithium iron phosphate cells as battery packs. Compared with lithium iron phosphate batteries, the pillar performance of ternary lithium batteries is better: First, its energy density is high, which is theoretically nearly twice that of lithium iron phosphate batteries. That is to say, with batteries of the same size and weight, the battery pack of ternary lithium batteries lives much more durable. Crafuel Alto2000 outdoor power supply consists of 355-module ternary lithium batteries, with a total energy of 2264Wh and a cycle life of more than 2,000 times.


The second is that it is more active than lithium iron phosphate batteries. What does that mean? There is common sense that energy storage batteries are in bad performance with low temperatures. In the case of severe cold and low temperatures, not only has the use time been drastically reduced, but the charging time and efficiency have also deteriorated significantly. The “ active performance ” means that the comprehensive function of ternary lithium batteries will be better than that of lithium iron phosphate batteries in terms of charging or discharge time.



Crafuel Alto2000 outdoor power supply draws everyone's attention with high-quality core creation. It is a rare solar generator product on the market that integrates fast charging (bi-directional inverter) + safety + UPS high-power power supply.


In terms of charging and discharging technology, the Alto2000 outdoor power supply consists of Bi-Direction inverter technology. It supports 1200W power input without a power adapter. It supports solar input, a car charging input, and other self-charging methods. In addition, it can also be input at the same time. Up to 4 inverter AC output ports, supporting 2000W rated output, with a pure sine wave, which can drive the operation of high-power electrical appliances.


In addition, as the most critical battery pack, the new energy vehicle-grade ternary lithium cells are used for energy storage, with an energy of up to 2264Wh and a cycle life of 2,000 times, and a built-in MPPT system, which supports 600W solar panel charging. As long as there is sunlight, it can ensure the power supply. Wherever indoors or outdoors, the solar generator can provide users with a quiet, clean, and easy-to-use new generation of power guarantee.