Frequently Asked Questions

RTT / Can a Crafuel rooftop tent be installed on my vehicle?

RTT / Can the tents be mounted on a pickup truck bed?

RTT / How much weight can the rooftop tents hold?

RTT / How can 4 people sleep in the tent if my crossbars' weight limit is only 165 lbs?

RTT / How easy to mount and unmount the tents?

RTT / What kind of rack/crossbars do I need?

PPS / Can this product be used to charge my electronic devices?

PPS / Can I take the product to the plane?

PPS / Can I keep this charged up by keeping it plugged in all the time in case of the power outages?

PPS / Is it normal if the charger gets hot while charging?

PPS / What kinds of scenarios can be applied to Crafuel’s portable power station?