by Laine Ye on Oct 20, 2023


The idea of camping has changed dramatically over the years. From the beginning of just relying on what you carry on your body to where you can only walk on your feet, to now we are able to drive in specific vehicles with all sorts of camping gear and go wherever you want to go. To make these adventures easier, more comfortable and more luxurious, and to meet the needs of more RTT campers, a hardshell RTT was designed - the SummitBreeze!

In order for you to be able to choose the best roof tent for your car, you need to pay attention to a few things:

How much space do you want?

What type of car do you drive?

How many windows do you want?

Does it affect gas mileage?

  1. The SummitBreeze comes in a 55" size and sleeps 2-3 people, and the 2.8" thickness of the ultra-soft memory mattress allows for a comfortable night's sleep, even in the wilderness!
  2. The SummitBreeze fits most of the vehicles on the market, whether you are a daily sedan, crossover or SUV, this tent will fit well. Even sedans can take the tent camping with them with the addition of adapted roof poles.
  3. For a journey, the most important thing is the experience of the journey and the scenery along the way. Therefore, a great view is very necessary. When the first rays of the morning sun shine through the windows and the stars fill the sky at night, what you want most is to enjoy the view.With two side windows and a front door, SummitBreeze's double-layer windows will keep you away from mosquitoes and rainy days.
  4. When it's closed, it's much thinner than a typical roof tent, which greatly reduces drag during driving and reduces gas mileage. Also don't have to worry about being in a garage or other height-restricted area.

When you finally choose SummitBreeze after various choices, you drive over the mountains or through the canyon, through the dirt road and gravel road to the campground. Stop the car, turn off the engine, open its four latches, set up a ladder, gently push the tent open, and then hold up the poles on both sides of the tent, in just 30 seconds, a tent that can give you a wonderful camping experience is set up.

Now let’s enjoy the trip!