How to Camp in Winter - 1

by Laine Ye on Oct 30, 2023

How to Camp in Winter - 1

Not sure how to camp in winter? How to keep warm on a winter camping trip? Don't worry, we'll tell you all about it.

Winter camping core attention in the warmth of the above, mainly two aspects, one is their own clothing warm, the second is to sleep warm. We need to adequate preparation to ensure safety and comfort. Here are some of the preparations needed for winter camping:

  • Warm clothing

The three-layer rule is the most classic way to dress outdoors. The three-layer dressing rule is the most widely-accepted theory of outdoor dressing, which refers to building three layers - an outer layer, a middle layer and a base layer - with multiple pieces of clothing. The layering of clothing provides reliable weather protection and ensures freedom of movement.

Usually three layers of clothing refer to the internal sweat-wicking layer, the middle warmth layer, and the external wind and weather-proof layer, and we recommend several middle and outer layers of clothing.

  • Sleeping bag

A good sleeping bag is of utmost importance for keeping warm. If you are going camping in winter, then the choice of sleeping bag is even more stringent.

Sleeping bag has two kinds of envelope type and mummy type, generally low altitude, higher temperature when choosing the envelope type is more convenient; high altitude temperature lower region when choosing the mummy type sleeping bag, the warmth effect is more good.

Crafuel Mummy Style Sleeping Bag

  • Tents and mats

Choose four-season tents, which offer better warmth and wind protection. Lay a vapor barrier or inflatable mat under the tent to insulate the ground from cold air.

  • Stoves and fuel

Choose a gas stove suitable for cold temperatures and carry enough fuel. Fuel may burn less effectively in cold temperatures, so have a backup plan.

  • Food and water

Carry enough food and drinking water. Your body needs more energy to stay warm in cold temperatures, so choose foods that are high in calories and easy to store.

  • How to choose the sleeping bag?

Your sleeping bag must fit your body, which is probably the most important point when choosing a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags that are too wide, too long, too short or too tight can make you colder.

Generally speaking, sleeping bags with 800g of down are suitable for temperatures of no less than -15℃ (5℉), 1,000g is suitable for -25℃(13℉), and 1,300g is suitable for -30℃(22℉).

This mummy-style sleeping bag is filled with 1200g of down and is suitable for temperatures from -25℃(13℉)  to -30℃(22℉).

Keeping warm and food is crucial, and next time we'll share with you the other do's and don'ts of winter camping.