Best Camping Spots for American Families

by Shi Yumin on Oct 21, 2022

Best Camping Spots for American Families


One of the best things about travelling in the United States is that there are many good places to camp. Nature lovers can enjoy fresh air, beautiful mountains and clear lakes and streams during camping trips on weekends (or longer).

Not only can you set up tents in these picturesque places, but you can also enjoy plenty of picnic areas, hiking trails, spots for fishing and swimming and many more activities in the vast wilderness. From the pine forests of Maine to the clear lakes in Alaska, you’ll find the perfect place to enjoy an outdoor trip.

Roan Mountain State Park, Tennessee

If you’re traveling on the Appalachian Trail, it cuts right through Roan Mountain State Park and this is a great place to camp. The view from this Appalachian Mountain Road where it traverses the five-mile Roan Mountain ridge reveals some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the eastern United States. At the top, along the green ridge from west to north, you can see the breathtaking flowery mountainside. The mountain road is located between Cherokee National Forest and Pisgah National Forest Park. Unless there’s a special notice, you can either camp on the mountain path or go to Cherokee or Pisgah to pitch your tent.

San Gorgoño Wilderness Campsite, in San Bernardino National Forest Park, California

If you like eco-exploration, camping in the wilderness of San Gorgoño is the best choice. Hikers will definitely like it. There are as many as 12 roads to choose from, and you can see jagged and rolling mountains along the way. Climbing Mount San Gorgoño at an altitude of 11,500 feet is thrilling and being in the ecologically intact wilderness reserve is very rewarding. Select a camping spot on a dry lake bed or flat area just off the trail. Camping on the ridge of Grinnell is also a good choice. This affords you a panoramic view of Santa Ana Canyon and Sugarloaf Peak.

Cumberland Island National Seashore, Georgia

The southern part of the United States is known as the "Sunshine Zone" and the most suitable campground for vacationing in the south is Cumberland Island. While the area is somewhat remote it provides opportunities to swim, fish, boat, hike and learn about the lives of dolphins, turtles and wild horses. Experience the gorgeous beaches and moss-draped old oak forests. When you’re ready to make camp, you can choose from five different beautiful areas. Be prepared for the many mosquitoes that are present due to the humidity.

Seawall Campsite, Acadia National Park, Maine

If you want to go camping on the East Coast, don't miss Acadia National Park. The park is mainly made up of mountainous islands where you can experience intertidal exploration, climb sea cliffs and hike along the coast. At the Blackwoods campground south of Bar Harbor, one of 306 campsites can be booked. Alternatively, you can choose from the 214 campsites at the farthest seawall campground on spots on the desert island that are on a first come, first served basis.

Bull Shoals White River State Park, White River, Arkansas

Camping near the cool water of the White River is amazing. Because the campground is located in the Ouachita fishing area, mountain trout and salmon make for some of the best fishing. When fishing leisurely on the island in the river, you will experience what it means to be happy. In addition to camping at a fixed camping site, you can also take a guided camping and fishing expedition for two to six days. This may take you through the Faro National Park and along the north bank of the White River and its tributaries.

Stirling Highway, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

When road travel and camping are combined it offers absolutely unprecedented enjoyment. From the intersection of Stirling Road to Cape Homer, there’s beautiful coastal scenery. As long as you’re willing to set up your tent and stop your tour bus, you can immerse yourself in this amazing scenery. Back on the road, you’ll see moose, eagles and bears. It's better to go there in the summer to join the world's largest salmon fishing party.

National Parks in Colorado

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is the first national park in the United States. If you’ve already camped there, why not avoid the many tourists and try one of the national parks in Colorado. With more than 60 first come, first served campsites this is a wonderful alternative. It’s your call whether you want to camp in the forest or by an alpine lake. At the northeast camping site of Estes Park, elk, black-tailed deer, bighorn sheep, black bear, moose, porcupine, eagle and bobcat will rival the wildlife of Yellowstone Park. Don't forget to bring the fishing rod. Salmon, trout and other fish are waiting to be hooked!

Go and enjoy those amazing campsites around the United States and remember to bring your camera, and a Crafuel Alto solar generator as well!