What Cars Are Suitable For Rooftop Tents?

by Laine Ye on Aug 25, 2023

What Cars Are Suitable For Rooftop Tents?

More and more friends who like driving and outdoor experience began to pay attention to the "rooftop tent". But many people still have a lot of questions about roof tents.

“Will it crush the roof?”

“Will it fit in my car?”

“Is it safe?”

If you don't know much about roof convertible tops and don't know if you can add one to your car? Today we're going to talk about adding a convertible top to your car.

What car can be fitted with a roof tent?

Generally speaking,You can easily turn any vehicle, including cars, SUVs, crossovers, vans, pickup trucks, vans, trailers and more, into a mobile campground ready to embark on an adventure. If your car has roof crossbars and roof racks, there is no need to purchase them separately to install the tent.

Common roof racks are generally divided into two kinds: longitudinal separation type and horizontal separation type. But no matter which kind of luggage rack, want to install the roof tent, must be installed on the load-bearing luggage rack, and it is best to specialize in the car, generally this luggage rack single strength are more than 100 kg, can carry more weight.

Depending on the model, consumers can choose a roof tent that is more compatible with their model, more beautiful and more portable.

Hydraulic hardtop roof tents on the market are large in size and weight, so they are more suitable for installation on large SUVs or crossovers. Family sedans are better suited to stowing an inflatable roof tent that is small in size.

Will it collapse the roof of the car when using the rooftop tent?

From the results of the study, it is shown that the roof strength can be as low as 3.95 load-to-mass ratio, which means that the compression resistance is up to 3.95 times the dead weight.

According to the weight of 60KG-90KG of the roof bar + rooftop tent on the market, plus the weight of a family of three together according to the weight of 250KG weight calculation, and will not produce a threat to the roof of the car collapsed.

Roof tents are the friendliest for this type of car.

You can just install a roof tent if your car meets the following criteria.

  1. Original load-bearing longitudinal bar that comes with the body.
  2. Roof-mounted roof bars, roof rails or gantries, roll bars.

If the roof is not fitted with roof bars or luggage racks.

You can go to an offline store to buy roof bars, as each car fits differently.

The magical yearning for nature prompts us to want to go out and travel. The emergence of car roof tents, compared to traditional tents, not only more durable, and the installation of geographic location is not restricted, as long as the car is parked, you can raise the roof tent!